Paintings By Sandra C Dovberg


Paintings evolve through steps involving layers of paint separated by moments to months of contemplation of what the next step will be and how to achieve what you want.

A painter never retires and a painting never ends. They both just stop in interesting places. The beginning of a painting often has no resemblance whatsoever to the final achievement.

The most important job of the artist is to help the viewer find a deeper appreciation of the reality that surrounds them. The artist can be a guide who helps the viewer reflect on things they often barely notice. So much of what we experience in the world is translated visually, but our individual, internal experiences go far beyond our preconceived visual notions of reality.

About Pricing & Dimensions

All prices Available On Request (POR)

Dimensions of all paintings are in inches and all are listed in the order of Height x Width x Depth (depth included only in canvases with deep sides). The dimensions of Images on Paper pertain only to the images shown and not the mats that surround them which are included when purchased and shipped.

Sold Items

My painting galleries often include images that have sold. I include these images to give you an idea of my styles and subject matter. If any image is of special interest I would be willing to accept personal commissions.