Art Objects

Art Objects are intended to be decorative and include small sculptures, wall hangings and items for the coffee table, display case, desk or dining table,. The silversmithing skills of forging, sinking and raising to enclose space are used in the creation of these objects. Hammers, steel stakes and anvils as well as torches that supply heat on raw materials shape flat sheet and rod into shapes that envelope space.

I like to compare the skills used to make an art object to the sewing skills I learned when younger to make clothing. As an adult I realized that this was what attracted me to the jewelry studio. I already understood the processes of making 3-dimensional forms. Only the tools and raw materials were different. Paper patterns are applied to flat material, cut out, attached with seams or formed with nips and tucks to form an interior space.

A garment holds a torso, a pitcher holds water, a container holds a treasure. These art forms can be textured and decorated with stones, beads, rivets, chasing, engraving, and decorative hammering. As with needle and thread, pieces can be joined by “cold connections” such as rivets, screws, hinges, or jump rings. Otherwise, heat and torches are used for fusing or soldering seams. I enjoy making cold connections, such as screws, from scratch..

My main goal is to be playful and whimsical since I am not limited by function.

Memory Keepers

You will notice that many of my art objects are containers that can hold precious keepsakes. I call them Memory Keepers. If you would like me to design a container with special content personal to you, please contact me and we can work together to create a meaningful piece. Click On Any Image to Enlarge and Navigate Through Images

Containers & Whimsical Objects

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Spinning Containers

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Star Flasher
Star Flasher
Sterling Silver, Copper, Hematite & Cubic Zirconium
1.25 Dia. x 1.13H
Victorian Stroll w/ Silk Tassle
Victorian Stroll
Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Amethyst Slab, Syn. Alexandrite & Silk Tassle
3 Diameter x 1.75H
Item AO-0299, POR
Rotatus Galaxius
Rotatus Galaxius
Sterling Silver, Synthetic Alexandrite, Rose Quartz, Trace amounts of 14KYGold
2.5 dia. x 1.75H
Item AO-0399, POR
Venetian Spinning Toy
Venetian Spinning Toy
Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, African Turquoise Bead
2.25 Diameter x 2.75H
Item AO-0198, POR

Emerald City - Two Alternate Views

Emerald City
Emerald City
Sterling Silver, Gold, Emerald Crystals, Green Beryl & Chrome Tourmaline
3.5 Dia. x 4.75H (lid closed)
Item AO-0101, POR
Dia 0042
Interior close-up of The Emerald City

Keeper Of The Ring - Two Alternate Views

The Keeper Of The Ring
The Keeper of the Ring
Sterling Silver, Ruby in Zoisite & Rose Quartz
2.75 Dia. x 3.5H
Item AO-0499, POR
The Keeper Of The Ring, Interior
The Keeper of the Ring, Interior

Wizards Toy II - Four Alternate Views

Wizards Toy, View 1
Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Canary Wood & Chrysocolla
3 Dia. x 3.75H
Item AO-0207, POR
WIZARD'S TOY II (Drawers Open)
WIZARD'S TOY II w/ drawers open
WIZARD'S TOY II, Alternate View 3
WIZARD'S TOY II, Alternate View 3

The Second Coming - A Trilogy

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The Second Coming Trilogy
The Second Coming Trilogy, Inspired by the poem by William Butler Yeats
Sold Only as a set of 3, Item AO-0602, POR
What Rough Beast
What Rough Beast
Sterling Silver, Carnelian, Fine Silver and Color Coated Copper Wire for tentacles & testes
6.25H x 17Long x 3.25W
Spiritus Mundi
Spiritus Mundi
Sterling Silver
4H x 3W x x 2.5D
Tentacles retract, top can swivel on base and be removed for a hand held toy
Vexed To Nightmare
Vexed To Nightmare, Tentacles move back & forth as body spins in Cradle
Sterling Silver &Ruby in Zoisite
6H x 4W x 3D