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museum quality, fully handcrafted
one-of-a-kind unique paintings,
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Welcome to Sandra C. Dovberg Art
Sandra C. Dovberg Features Museum Quality, Fully Handcrafted One-Of-A-Kind Art Objects. Original Paintings and Fine Jewelry
My Bio
Fine Jewelry
The art should be distinguishable from manufactured items by how it reflects the essence and skills of the artist/craftsperson.
Art Objects
The process of creating an art object is a dialogue between me and the art which is constantly evolving and changing throughout the process. The most important job of the artist is to reveal a reality beyond what the eyes see.
I have found my painting style to be evolving to a blend of abstract and representational styles which I call Neoexpressionism

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Welcome To Sandra C Dovberg Art!

My works are born from a combination of visual memory, a sense of place, conceptual meaning and academic training. The process of creating any work of art is a dialogue between me and the art which is constantly changing throughout the process. All of my works are one-of-a-kind originals.
Over time my Painting process has evolved into a combination of representational and abstract which falls into the category of Neoexpressionism.
My Jewelry and Art Objects are fully handcrafted with the exception of manufactured findings and chains when appropriate and practical.